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The Next Step

The Next Step follows the highs and lows of an exceptional group of dancers as they learn to bet on themselves, believe in their team, and dance through their challenges on the way to making their dreams come true. Season eight kicks off with a groundbreaking 20-person opening dance, and in the absence of competition, A-Troupe and B-Troupe have settled their differences. Without Nationals on the table, everything seems peaceful at The Next Step, that is until Nick announces that Nationals is back on. This. Changes. Everything. The Next Step stars Briar Nolet (Let It Snow) as Richelle, Julian Lombardi (Paramnesia) as Ozzy, Kolton Stewart (Disenchanted) as Shad, Alexandra Chaves (Good Witch) as Piper, Shelby Bain as Amy, Sage Linder (Riverdale) as Summer, Katie Ortencio (Resolve) as Lily, and Noah Zulfikar (Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2) as Kingston.