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YTV On Demand

YTV On Demand is jam-packed with laughs so you can watch all the YTV you want! Just imagine, we took all the great shows on YTV, and put them all in one place - that's YTV On Demand!


YTV On Demand is updated daily, so check out what's new every day - wow! Visit YTV On Demand through your Service Provider.


What's available with YTV On Demand for Rogers, Cogeco, Shaw, and Shaw Direct:

  • The exclusive home On Demand for The Loud House
  • Movies! Available for a limited time a day after airing
  • Specials, like Jojo Siwa and the Kids Choice Awards
  • Previous full seasons of the YTV hit shows for optimal catch-up and show fanatics
  • New episodes, one day after airing, available for the entire year


What's available for all other subscribers:

  • New episodes, one day after airing, available for 4 weeks