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Walmart Top 20 Toys

What’s more awesome than a toy? How about over 150 toys … brand new, out of the box and ready to be played with? This may sound like a dream, but it was actually a dream come TRUE for 1000 lucky kids who got to test out some hot new toys and help decide the Walmart Top 20 Toys. That’s right, 1000 kids of all ages tried ‘em and tested ‘em under the direction of our very own Carlos, and Master Toy Testers Marlow & Charlotte! (Talk about a dream job!)


You can watch the action unfold… Or to be more precise, watch the toys be tested! Tune in to YTV for Toy Testers on October 4th after Big Fun Movies. With direction from Carlos at the Toy Studio, and Marlow & Charlotte on the ground, you’ll see what toys reigned supreme. There are some hilarious moments you gotta see! Oh yeah, and of course you’ll see the AWESOME TOYS, too!!


And for more toy action, head to Walmart.ca/toytesters.


Sponsored by Walmart Canada