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Toronto Comicon 2018!

This year’s Toronto Comicon had something for everyone, from kids to retro fans. There was no shortage of amazing costumes. 

Whether they were from video games such as Bioshock... 


to superheroes such as Spider-Man and The Power Rangers, or Pokemon, there was something that caught everyone’s eye.

The Dealer’s Area was full of various merchandise. Everything from the odd to the Funko Pop to unexpected bargains. Let’s hope dealers have a Funko Pop guide they can carry in the future. You can practically make a fort out of the Funko Pop boxes people collect.

There was no shortage of Pokemon merchandise for fans of all ages. The selection extends from power banks to figurines to plush (including those from the original Japanese Pokemon Centres).

Retro fans get to enjoy finding all their treasures from classic Star Wars figures to Robotech comics to...

huge playsets such as Snake Mountain and Castle Greyskull from The Masters of the Universe.  There are even artists who have created a new art form using classic video game cartridges.

Other fans get to enjoy additional events at the Comicon such as having caricatures of themselves drawn up or visiting the Star Wars Jabba the Hutt set.

Overall, the Toronto Comicon was a great way for fans to end the March Break. By next year, we may expect more families attending. Why not make plans for next year with your friends?