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Toronto Comicon 2017!

This year’s Toronto Comicon had a number of sights appealing to various fans.

First, there was a display of the Power Ranger helmets for the new movie. Which color do you want to wear?

Pokemon fans of all ages can’t get enough of the plush.  New plush include Pokemon from the Sun and Moon games plus the Alola forms.  Even Ash wants to get into the act.

Funko Pop merchandise has created such an increasing presence that you will begin seeing walls and walls all over the dealers room.

You can even get the chance to shoot a Star Wars Stormtrooper for charity and see the amazing displays created from our Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Ghostbusters fan groups.

I wonder if these Pokemon cosplayers play Pokemon Go?  Come to think of it, what if someone was playing Pokemon Go and there was a Pikachu and Squirtle standing there now?

Retro fans might remember ALF in the 80s.

Look at all of the different Lego minifigures ranging from superheroes to Pokemon to Disney princesses.

Visitors to Comicon can even try out virtual reality.  Can we see what they are seeing?

Fans of our Disney series can even buy comic books and graphic novels on their favorite series from Elena of Avalor to Star vs The Forces of Evil. 

I hope you enjoy some of the sights of this year’s Toronto Comicon.  Maybe you will want to visit it next year during the March Break.