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Sandy Takeover

We're starting SpongeBob week off with the texas-twangin', karate chopping squirrel from the South - Sandy Cheeks! Click the images below to see all we have on our favourite squirrel!




We've picked our three favorite Sandy episodes, and they're stuffed with hibernatin', karate kicks, and Texas. Click the angry squirrel to watch the full episodes!



There a ton of Sandy games for you to play! Choose from games like Sandy's Chop Shop, Shrubbery Shakedown, Showdown squirrel and more! Push the stuffed cheeks to play!


Sandy's Most Kick-Butt Moments:

From weightlifting and crazy hibernations to fighting off cereal, Sandy's probably the most kick-butt critter in Bikini Bottom. Find out which moments are her most kick-butt by clicking the Kelp below:


If you want more Sandy, enter our SpongeBob movie contest below. Our grand prize pack includes a plush toy, DVDs and a burgermobile!