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Meet UD!

The U-Decide 3000 is a remarkable supercomputer that, though small, is more powerful than anything this side of the Milky Way.

When U.D. (as Chuck affectionately calls him) landed on Earth and met Chuck, a special bond was instantly formed between them, making Chuck the Decider and U.D. one of Chuck’s best pals! Now U.D. regularly presents Chuck with three options for what happens next, and then eagerly joins the adventure and mayhem that inevitably follows Chuck’s choice.

U.D. may be a computer, but he’s warm, affectionate and has a flare for dramatics. Upon his arrival on Earth, U.D. fell in love with our culture and customs. Some of his favourite Earth activities are listening to his MP3 player, playing video games and watching movies and reality TV.

While U.D. may know 50 million languages from all over the universe (including Goldfish) he’s equally dazzled by the virtues of squirtable cheese. 

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