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Meet the Students!

Meet the Students of School of Rock!

Tomika: “The Ace of Bass"

Tomika is a fun bass loving player and singer. She is a little bit of a tomboy but grounded and she knows who she is!













Zack: "The Free Bird Under Pressure"

Zack is the reserved child of overbearing parents who comes out of his shell as the band's electric guitarist. This allows him to walk the line between fear of breaking the rules and embracing his independence!. 

Freddy: "He Got the Beat"

Freddy is the new kid and drummer in the band who brings a fresh rebellious perspective to William B. Travis Prep School. He challenges his peers to take risk all in the name of having fun!!

Summer: "Takin' Care of Business"

Summer is an overachiever with perfect attendance and a blind ambition for academics. This leads her to ultimately become the band's manager. 

Lawrence: "The Keyboard Wizard"

Lawrence is the quirky, technologically inclined, unabashedly confident keyboardist. He's a team player whose heart is always in the right place, despite the messes he sometimes creates.