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Meet Misha!

Misha is a 12-year-old girl who is Chuck’s classmate and best bud. She is a spunky, athletic bundle of energy who is always eager to join in Chuck’s adventures and get in touch with her inner goofball.

Misha’s snooty parents try to focus their daughter on activities that are fitting for a prim and proper young debutante. They enroll her in just about every activity possible in hopes of grooming Misha to be the best possible girl she can be. Sometimes they’re ridiculous (the “Polite Hand-Clapping” seminar was a lowlight) but sometimes they’re fantastic.

Thanks to countless gymnastic, dance and exercise classes, Misha is an awesome athlete. So whether it’s back flips, super kicks, scurrying up trees or just springing around, Misha can bust some crazy moves that come in pretty handy during her adventures with Chuck. 

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