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Meet Mikey!

The sweet, quirky Mikey Munroe is an easy-going kid who is a jackof-all-trades. He’s in the Disco Club, the Bee Keepers Club and even the Math for People Who Hate Math Club. While working on the Muckledunk Welcoming Committee, he met Bunsen, the new beast in town. Mikey decided to take Bunsen under his wing (make that arm.
He is human after all)! Mikey shows Bunsen the ropes of living in a human world and the ups and downs of middle school.

Mikey soon discovers that Bunsen’s beastly ways make HIS life pretty cool! These two quickly develop a beastly bro-mance and become best friends forever!

Bunsen is a Beast premieres Saturday June 3rd at 11am E/P on YTV!