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Internet Safety

It can be a crazy zany place out there on the world wide web, but we at YTV have compiled some tips to keep you safe, just in time for Internet Safety Day!

Tip #1

Assume that everything you post (photographs included) are public and permanent. In the wrong hands private content can be used against you.

Tip #2

Protect your passwords, make them hard to guess, change it often, and share with no one.
Question what you see online, people can easily lie about their age, gender, interests, personality; almost everything- question everything.

Tip #3

Talk to a parent or adult before meeting an online-friend. Make sure someone knows who and where you are meeting.

Tip #4

Tell an adult if you encounter anything online that makes you feel uncomfortable
Use webcams with caution, anyone can capture and save images.

Tip #5

Don’t say anything online you wouldn’t say in real life.

Tip #6

Make a habit of checking your privacy settings in social media apps regularly.

Tip #7

Keep yourself informed about policy changes and updates for your social media apps.

Visit NeedHelpNow.ca for advice on how to get help with online problems.