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I'm Ready

It's time to spend the weekend celebrating the sponge that started it all, SpongeBob SquarePants!!! And what better way to salute him than listing SpongeBob's most favourite things!

10. Being Endlessly Hopeful

SpongeBob never seems to know his limit - that's one of wonderful things about him! He's always optimistic. 


9. Going to Boating School....And Failing

SpongeBob really wants to drive, so much so that he never calms down quite enough to get the hang of it. 


8. Goofing Off

Whether it's creating bubble buddies, buying fake muscles, or ripping his pants, SpongeBob loves goofing off. Sometimes it gets him into trouble, but usually it just endears him to the rest of Bikini Bottom.


7. Singing Songs

Our sponge can carry quite a melody, can't he? There have been many songs SpongeBob randomly throws out, and here are just a few:



6. Making Weird Noises

VICTORY SCREECH! SpongeBob's given us some of the best random, annoying noises over the years, and the examples below are no exception. Bonus points if you do one of these to the person next to you right now:




5. Hanging Out with Patrick and Squidward

Nyeh Squidward? SpongeBob loves goofing around with his two pals - Patrick and Squidward. Squidward, however, is constantly annoyed by it. This only makes SpongeBob try harder!


4. Jelly-fishing

An amateur jellyfish catcher, SpongeBob loves to unwind with his net and "hunting glasses" in Jellyfish fields. During one episode, he even caught 4 million jellyfish! Don't worry, he eventually let them all go.



3. The Krusty Krab

From the grill to the patties themselves, one of life's greatest pleasure for SpongeBob is the Krusty Krab. An expert fry cook, SpongeBob spend as much time as he can in this fast food joint, even working overtime or on weekends! See below for SpongeBob's ode to the Krusty Krab.


2. Using Imagination

One of the greatest things about SpongeBob is how he can have a great time in almost any situation. It's an important lesson for all of us to remember: use your imagination, and even YOU can have fun in a cardboard box!


1. I'm Ready

The phrase that started it all. This is the greatest thing about SpongeBob: he's ready for any challenge, any change for fun, each and every day. 


And the first "I'm Ready" from the first episode!!!