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Fan Expo 2017!

Fan Expo 2017 had a huge variety of sights for every type of fan.

For the Star Wars fans, they can look forward to new toys from Hasbro and Lego.  But they should also look out for new remote control droids and drones.

Visitors for the Mattel booth can see a new Batmobile, Pokemon Construx, DC Superhero Girls, and Turning Mecard.

Video gaming fans tried out Super Mario Odyssey at the Nintendo booth.

The costumes at Fan Expo ranged from superheroes to gaming to anime to Power Rangers and Disney.  Take a look at these Power Rangers and Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget.  There was even a Milo Murphy cosplayer in the area.

Fan Expo is the place for exclusive screenings.  Along with the Star Wars Rebels screening, there was also the Hotel Transylvania sneak peek.  The Mysticons screening was hosted by two of the main voices – Evany Rosen (Emerald Goldenbraid) and Ana Sani (Piper Willowbrook).

Finally, there were many displays and demonstrations at Fan Expo.  This includes displays of the Thor Ragnarok costumes, a Toothless dragon display, a retro arcade, and a demonstration of the upcoming Dropmix music game.  What you have seen is a small sample at this year’s Fan Expo.  If you want to see more, you should come to Fan Expo next year to get the full fan experience.