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Crushing This Week with Zarya Moonwolf

Orphaned at birth, Zarya lives in the bustling, boisterous streets of the Undercity. A street-smart scoundrel with charm, she lives by her gut instincts. She’s tough, but she has a strong sense of loyalty to her friends. While the elite might look down on where she lives, Zarya loves the streets. They made her strong and she’s proud of that.

Zarya is a modern-day Robin Hood who steals from the bad to give to the good. She never plies her thieves’ trade on the small street vendors – only on the corrupt Fat Cat business merchants who are constantly trying to squeeze them out of business. As a result, the vendors reward Zarya whenever they can. She’s a big fan of snorg balls, an Undercity street-food delicacy.

Zarya has a pet foz -- a cute little creature that looks like a cross between a monkey and an ewok. Named Choko, he's a fiercely loyal, mischievous little troublemaker. He’ll often get Zarya and Piper into jams, but fortunately, he’ll also get them out of them.

As one of the older kids on the block, Zarya has become a protector to the younger orphans of the Undercity. She developed a strong bond with the adorable Piper Willowbrook, whom she took under her wing as her “little sis.” Piper looks up to Zarya and worships the ground she walks on. Zarya looks at Piper as a younger version of herself, and wants to give her a better life than she had.

When Zarya becomes a Mysticon Ranger, she’ll transform into a powerful Robin Hood-like warrior with a bow that fires various types of magic arrows. She’ll combine her powerful archery with her knowledge of the streets to defeat her enemies, using hit and run tactics. She’ll hit ‘em high by ziplining down the energy rails of the transportation grid, or hit ‘em low from the sewers beneath their feet.