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Crushing This Week with Will Palmerston

Full Name: Will Palmerston

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student at Covington Academy

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Brown

Crushes: Will has a crush in Kit

Friends: Anya Patel, Josh Luders, Nav Andrada, Kit Bridges, Elaine Wiltshire

School: Covington Academy

Nickname: Will

Portrayed by: Oliver Dench

Independent, willful, and adventurous, Will is a bit of a rogue. He has been kicked out of several other boarding schools in the U.K., and Covington is his last chance to get the kind of education and opportunities he needs to succeed. First, though, he’ll have to find a way to manage his behaviour –and keep his grades up.

Will spends a majority of his time working with the horses in the stables and is also one of the best riders at Covington Academy. He’s currently banned from riding because of bad behavior. It would be a shame if he missed competing for the cup.

Will initially butts heads with Kit, he can’t help noticing her, especially because she’s a real change from the privileged, sheltered kids he’s been used to meeting.  Elaine isn’t pleased about Will’s feelings for Kit – and will do whatever she can to sabotage their relationship.