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Crushing This Week with Triple 'G!

Full Name: Grover George Giffin

Gender: Male

Occupation: Game Consultant

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Black


Babe Carano, Kenzie Bell, Hudson Gimble

Nickname: Triple G, Trip

Grover George Griffin, better known as Triple G, is the son rap star Double G and game consultant for the Game Shakers. Triple G use to travel the world with his dad and his entourage but became lonely without any friends his own age. He decided to move to New York to be around people he could hang with and ended becoming a part of the Game Shakers company.

Triple G is a wild child! Not the same kind of ‘jump out of a plane’ wild that Hudson is, but more of a ‘have a party on a skyscraper’ wild. Trip is always the life of the party. His outgoing personality fits in perfectly with the rest of the Game Shakers; funny, loud, and totally random!