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Crushing This Week with TK!

Full Name:TK


Occupation:Local bad boy at Covington Academy

Eye colour: Black

Hair colour: Black

Friends: Kit Bridges, Will Palmerston

School: Covington Academy

TK seems like a stubborn and moody horse, and he has been a bit left behind in the school stables due to his difficult behaviour. He’s been known to bite his trainers and escape from his stall all the time. Overall, this horse can be a lot to handle. However, when he and Kit meet, a sudden and unbreakable connection is formed. Kit is the first to notice the little things TK is afraid of or bothered by, and when she takes the time to get to know him, he pays her back with a view to the warm, loving TK that no one else has been able to see.

Kit hasn’t been at Covington furlong, but she has already built a strong connection with TK. He is her mane man. They chill all time and when TK is taken away from her, she is so reared up. Their separation really stirrups bad emotions and Kit feels she mustang out with him again.

You love the horse puns, don’t be a neigh-sayer.