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Crushing This Week with the 3 Amigonauts

Going where no goofballs have gone before! Set in Earth’s far-flung future, the 3 Amigonauts follows three lovably reckless pals who attend the solar system’s most prestigious space academy and super-size the smallest tasks into madcap intergalactic adventures! 

The 3 Amigonauts are space cadets at the Oober-Doober Space Academy, the galaxy's most prestigious space academy. Their studies involve old school classroom learnings with many high tech twists!

Herby is the smallest Amigonaut with the biggest appetite... FOR DANGER! A real brave guy, Herby likes to dive into his intergalactic problems head first. 

Kirbie is the brains of the Amigonauts... I guess. She has a HUGE heart and is always on the lookout for a new friend. She's reallllly good at making friends. 

Burt is... Burt. Sort of the guinea pig of the group when it comes to testing new technology or eating space mold. But he wouldn't have it any other way, he loves to help!