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Crushing This Week with Sandy Cheeks

Full Name: Sandra Cheeks

Gender: Female

Age: 41

Occupation: Scientist/Inventor

Eye colour: Black

Hair colour: Brown

Crushes: Sandy seems too busy with her experiments for love. Although her and SpongeBob sometimes share romantic looks ;)  

Friends: SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Gary, Larry the Lobster

Nickname: Landy, The Rodent

Portrayed by: Carolyn Lawrence

Sandra Cheeks, better known as Sandy is the only land mammal living in Bikini Bottom. She is originally from Texas but now calls Bikini Bottom home. Like the squirrels we’re familiar with, she’s full of energy and always on the move. Her interests include karate, science, and weightlifting.

Sandy was sent to Bikini Bottom by her employer Treedome Enterprises for the purpose of research. Upon arriving in Bikini Bottom she had a rough encounter with a clam while collecting data. That’s when she met SpongeBob who came to rescue, but she had the situation handled on her own.

She is definitely work oriented, but also knows how to cut loose with her friends. She’s known to throw big BBQ parties and attend all the major festivities that Bikini Bottom has to offer. Like the annual weightlifting competition which she always competes in.   

A master of karate, Sandy is a tough nut to crack. But she has a sweet side as well. In fact she’s always there to assist the friendly fishies of Bikini Bottom when they’re in need of help. Maybe she has a secret identity as a superhero?

Sandy isn’t romantically involved with anyone that we know of, although it seems like SpongeBob may have a crush on her. For the time being though, she’s too busy conducting experiments and crushing cinder blocks, and that’s why she’s crushing this week!