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Crushing This Week with Piper Willowbrook

Cute as a button, this young elf is pure, raw emotion. Like a young child, when Piper is happy, she’s ecstatic; when she’s sad, she’s a sobbing mess; and when she’s angry, watch out – she’s wrathful fury. Fortunately, she’s usually a bubbling ball of happiness. As an elf, Piper is long-lived, so while she’s chronologically the oldest of the group, she’s still a small child by elf reckoning. 

Like Zarya, Piper is also an Undercity street orphan. She’s constantly on the move – dancing, flipping, and singing – and is great at distracting people so her partner in crime, Zarya, can pick the pockets of corrupt business merchants.

All the Mysticons love Piper. But as the “youngest” of the fellowship, she’s also the most immature. Her playful nature can sometimes drive Zarya to distraction, causing her to snap like a mom who’s fed up with her whiny child. Piper’s incessant and random banter is downright chaotic to Arkayna’s ordered approach to life. Interestingly, while dwarves and elves don’t normally get along, Em gets along famously with Piper. She has a kind of calming effect on Piper’s hyperactive ways. Em listens patiently to Piper and answers each and every one of her million questions about life and the cosmoverse.

When Piper becomes a Mysticon, she transforms into a whirling, tumbling, fist-pumping Striker. It’s nearly impossible to hit her as she parkours and pings off the walls in a flurry of ninjabatic martial arts. Her battle avatar is the phoenix.