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Crushing This Week with Phoebe Thunderman

Full Name: Phoebe Thunderman

Gender: Female

Occupation: Superhero/Student

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Crushes: She has a crush on Link Evilman, who is also a family rival!

Friends: Cherry, Max, Nora, Link

Nickname: Pheebs, Bumble Phoebe

Portrayed by: Kira Kosarin

Phoebe is one of the kindest people you could ever meet, unless her brother Max is playing pranks on her. She is incredibly smart, strong and stylish, a triple threat! Her hobbies include shopping, taking selfies, talking about boys and saving the world.

Phoebe is just a regular teenage girl, but with a twist, she has super powers! She hasn’t discovered all of her powers yet, as she still growing up, but what she can do now is amazing! She has telekinesis, ice breath, heat breath, super intelligence and ‘Thundersense’, which is the ability to sense danger!

Her arch-enemy is technically her twin brother Max. He’s always pranking her and giving her a hard time, but deep down they’re really great friends. Being that they’re twins, they share the same abilities which makes for some interesting sibling rivalry.

Phoebe leads a busy life. She’s a top student at Hiddenville High and she recently began her superhero apprenticeship! She manages all of this while keeping her school life and superhero life separate, what a job that must be!

Phoebe recently started crushing on a new boy named Link. They really like each other, but there’s one problem… Link is the son of Evilman, The Thundermans arch nemesis! Hopefully their Dads can put aside their differences so Phoebe and Link don’t have to sneak around to hang out.