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Crushing This Week with Max Thunderman

Full Name: Max Thunderman

Gender: Male

Occupation: Superhero/Student

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Crushes: Max is dating Allison now and it's awesome!

Friends: Dr. Colosso, Gideon, Oyster, Phoebe (but he won’t admit it)

Nickname: Mark, Maxy T, Romeo

Portrayed by: Jack Griffo

Max Thunderman is the black sheep of his super hero family. While the Thundermans strive for goodness and justice, Max strives for world domination. His goal is to become the most feared villain on Earth, but there’s one catch… he’s actually a really nice guy.  

Max is Phoebe’s twin brother and his favourite pass times are pranking her, teasing her and in general being a pain in her butt. On the surface it would seem like the two of them are enemies, but deep down they’re really great friends who always have each other’s back when the going gets tough.

Max shares the same super powers as Phoebe but uses them for evil instead of good. His powers include; ice breath, heat breath, telekinesis, thundersense, super intelligence and on top of that he’s a master engineer who’s create such doomsday devices as the Max 5000, the Brain Wiper and many more.  

Max is a brilliant genius, like his sister, but he’d rather apply his intellect to develop schemes and pranks than do his school work. He is highly competitive and confident, sometimes to a fault. His reason for wanting to become a super villain is that he doesn’t want to be second best to his sister as a superhero. Imagine how great they would be if they could put aside their differences and team up!

Max has had a few romances in the past but nothing like his current girlfriend Allison. They’re opposites in the sense that she’s a positive overachiever and he’s … well … evil. But they both get each other unlike everyone else and that’s what makes them so good together.