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Crushing This Week with Lori Stanley

Full Name: Lori Stanley

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student

Eye Colour: Green

Hair Colour: Brunette

Favourite Insect: Tarantula

Lori might be the youngest of the Stanley family but that doesn't stop her from being the smartest. Not only does Lori thrive from academic subjects like mathematics and science, but in her spare time she is also gaining knowledge by reading many advanced books for her age! Consequently, her large vocabulary adds value to overall intelligence. She applies her school-smarts to manipulate others (especially her brothers) to ensure she gets what she wants.

Beyond Lori’s cleverness and schemes, she portrays major sass in just about every episode. She is full of spunk and her energy never seems to fade. If anything, her attitude seems to be growing as we get to know her character.

Although Lori takes advantage of her siblings and continues to embrace her feisty attitude, to our surprise, Lori is in fact kind, caring, and truly does have a good heart….even if she doesn’t show it very often.