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Crushing This Week with Kit Bridges

Full Name: Katherine 'Kit' Bridges

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student at Covington Academy

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Brown

Crushes: Kit is new at Covington and is meeting a ton of new friends. One of which might be more than friends.

Friends: Will Palmerston, Anya Patel, Josh Luders, Nav Andrada, TK

School: Covington Academy

Nickname: Kit

Portrayed by: Kendra Leigh Timmins

Kit is a vibrant girl, and she frequently disarms everyone around her with her vivacious personality. Thanks to all the lessons she absorbed from her late mother, Kit’s independent spirit is admirable - and she’s not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what she believes in.

Being the new kid to Covington Academy is a big step for Kit and her father, Rudy. They left behind a world of familiarity and are now learning a brand new lifestyle on the spot. It can be a lot handle, but Kit’s up to the task.  

Kit gets along well with most of her new classmates, especially her new BFF Anya and Will, who makes her heart flutter more than she’d admit. But her tendency to burst out with whatever she’s thinking often puts her at odds with her more reserved peers – particularly Elaine, whose unending belief in the rules is completely at odds with Kit’s way of seeing the world.