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Crushing This Week with Kevin McCallister!

Full Name: Kevin McCallister

Gender: Male

Age: 8

Occupation: Prankster, Pizza Eater, Comedian

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Blonde

Crushes: Cheese Pizza

Friends: Old Man Marley

Enemies: Harry, Marv, Buzz

Portrayed by: Macauly Culkin

Kevin McCallister is a pretty average kid. He enjoys playing with his toys, eating far too much cheese pizza and shooting hoops like Michael Jordan. His favourite holiday is Christmas which is funny because he’s been forgotten about on a few occasions. I guess he like his alone time.

When Kevin isn’t watching his fav movie or taking care of lizards he is setting up elaborate traps for Harry and Marv to fall into. Some of his best work includes the famous paint can pendulum. Or who could forget the classic tar and feather.  

Although Kevin was left to fight off criminals on TWO separate occasions, he’s still a loving kid. If there’s one thing to learn from Kevin McCallister it’s to forgive the people you love because everyone makes mistakes… or that toy cars make a great substitute for marbles when trying to trip people.

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