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Crushing this week with Jesse

Full Name: Blake Jesse Beam (but everyone calls me Jesse!)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Zone Correspondent

Eye colour: Green, if i'm wearing the right colour shirt!

Hair colour: Brownish

Crushes: Does Joni Mitchell count, Because Joni Mitchell

Friends:Lys, Iain, Graham and Landon are my ultimate squad. Carlos, Lisa, Suki, Meisha are my YTV squad.

Fav Food: Spaghetti with meatballs and Nana's homemade sauce.

Skills: Funny voices, handyman, flair for theatrical magic, uncanny ability to remember useless trivia

I've been with YTV for only a few months, but have loved every minute! I've especially loved being able to travel the country and meet all kinds of new people, and do things I normally wouldn't! I got to ride Canada's tallest waterslide, and go surfing in Tofino! My favourite memory is coming up with a funny visual gag with Carlos, and then getting to film it on the Zone a few weeks later. We kept doing quick-changes into goofy costumes and it was so much fun! Everyone I know has been tuning in to see me, and they have been getting a kick out of seeing my on TV. I'm glad to be making people in my life happy with my skills as an entertainer.

Outside of YTV I work as a professional actor in Toronto. I own my own theatre company which has produced two full scale productions this summer: My background is both classical theatre, and children's theatre, having directed and starred in everything from Shakespeare to James and The Giant Peach, and everything in between. My hobbies include playing music, writing, and collecting bizarre coffee mugs. I have gotten a new mug in every location I've been to as part of the YTV trip!

My favourite activity on the 92 Things trip has to be when we went cave diving in BC. I'd never done anything like that, and I was so excited to do something so weird. Caves are so interesting, because you're in a place in the world that has never seen sunlight, and is as old as the last Ice Age! We saw a stalactite in there that was over 30 000 years old, which just blows my mind. I love that I was able to go places and see things I may never get the chance to again. The hardest activity was definitely surfing. We were there for about an hour and I barely got up on my feet on the board twice. I spent more time falling into the ocean and accidentally drinking saltwater than surfing. But it was really fun! I want to do that one again, so I can actually catch some waves! The weirdest activity I've done on the trip was probably eat space food.....biting into "crunchy ice cream" is one of the weirdest sensations...you don't expect ice cream to crunch in your mouth, but that's what happens when you remove all the water from it I guess!