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Crushing This Week with Jarvis Raines

Full name: Jarvis Raines

Gender: Male

Age: 14 

Occupation: CEO of Knickknack Toys

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown 

Crushes: Piper Gray, chief technology officer at Knickknack Toys

Friends: Piper Gray, Bowie Sherman, Geneva Hayes, Knox, Aster Vanderberg

School: Finnigan High

First toy created: The Strongsuit 

Portrayed by: Kolton Stewart 

Jarvis Raines is a fun loving teenager who becomes the new owner of Knickknack Toys after suing the company when a defective chemistry set he got for Christmas blows up his house.

Jarvis can charm anyone into doing anything for him, a trait that comes in handy as the new owner of Knickknack Toys.  He starts off his company with a bang by creating an exo-suit toy called "The Strongsuit". 

Jarvis knows he won't be able to succeed alone.  He hires a group from his high school that bring the right skills to the party. And if Jarvis has his way, it will be a party! 

He recruits Piper Gray, Bowie Sherman, Geneva Hayes, Malcolm "Knox" Knoxford III & Aster Vanderberg from his school. He also hires Mrs. Bubkes, a cleaning lady (who *shhh* is actually really Candace, the old boss of the toy company).

Currently, Piper has a crush on Jarvis and he feels the same way. Will they stay friends or get together? We can't wait to see!