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Crushing This Week with Freddy Jones

Full Name: Freddy Jones

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Occupation: Drummer

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Honey blonde

Crushes: Possibly Summer Hathaway but that hasn’t been confirmed (she definitely has a crush on HIM though!)

Friends: Zack Mooneyham (his bestie), Summer Hathaway, Dewey Finn, Lawrence, Tomika, and he’s buds with Mr. Finn too

School: William B. Travis Prep School

Nickname: Fredward

Portrayed by: Ricardo Hurtado


Freddy is the new kid in school and he brings with him a ton of edge and even more attitude. He’s for sure the rebellious type. The most rebellious guy William B. Travis Prep School has ever seen! As he said himself “This school can try to make us all look the same but I’m gonna be myself. I feel totally PUNK!” He’s ultra unique and doesn’t let anyone tell him how to act.

He also happens to be the most talented drummer in town. When he grabs hold of those drum sticks, he is “locked and loaded”. He’s got the skill and the passion to back it up. Not to mention he’s an amazing skateboarder too! This guy can do everything. His hair is pretty sweet as well. Have you seen that volume AND that colour? Gorgeous.


Freddy is always taking all of the risks without thinking twice. His carefree attitude is why his pals love him. Zack Mooneyham is his best friend forever, although they couldn’t be any more different. Zack is a responsible overachiever and Freddy is a super cool daredevil. Regardless of how opposite they are, they compliment each other like a guitar and a drum kit!

Freddy prefers breaking rules over studying for tests. He’s constantly fooling his friends’ moms into thinking he’s a good influence when he’s totally not. He sees a lot of potential with Mr. Finn’s idea to build a band and he’s fully on board. Anything to avoid homework sounds awesome to him.

He’s got a ton of similar interests as Tomika and he’s a solid role model for Lawrence who is terrified of taking ANY risks. Meanwhile, his relationship with Summer is… complicated. She’s had a huge crush on Freddy since the beginning and it’s been hinted at that he might feel the same...but that’s not 100%. So don’t spread any rumours! Girls are gross, right Freddy? ;)