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Crushing This Week with Flint Lockwood

The local sardine industry may represent the height of achievement in Swallow Falls, but high school student Flint isn’t satisfied with the status quo. He dreams big, and spends all his free time creating all sorts of crazy gizmos with the sincere hope and confidence that they will make the world a better place…eventually.

Flint takes inventing very seriously…even if the town doesn’t always appreciate his efforts. But when one of his inventions goes wrong, he’s the first to jump into action and will do whatever it takes to make things right.

Flint's BFF is Sam Sparks, the new girl in town. Although they were competitors when they first met at the Swallow Falls High School Science Fair, they quickly realized their shared love of science and started working together on all sorts of cooky academic projects. 

You can follow all of Flint and Sam's quirky adventures weeknights at 6PM E/P on YTV!!!