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Crushing This Week with Emerald

Wise beyond her years, Em has a big brain and an even bigger heart. Unlike most dwarves, who are taciturn and keep their emotions bottled up, Em wears her heart on her armored sleeve. Compassionate and empathetic, she is the group’s conscience.

Em is a small-town girl from Rudek’s Hollow, a dwarven mining village in northern Gemina. A mastermind of all things mechanical, she moved to Drake City with big plans of becoming a Royal Engineer. Instead, she discovered a talent for griffin wrangling, which landed her a gig as Princess Arkayna’s personal griffin wrangler. The girls bonded instantly and became fast friends. Arkayna loved Em’s generosity and genuine personality; and Em enjoyed Arkayna’s idealism and sense of honor.

Em is the type of dwarf who lives by the philosophy “If someone gives you a lump of coal, just crush it into a diamond.” Her positive outlook makes her a fount of support and comfort for her friends. She loves Piper’s effervescent energy and thinks she’s the cutest little doll ever. And although Zarya can hold people at arms’ length, Em always makes the effort to understand and appreciate her new friend. But Em’s desire to help sometimes leads her to giving too much, and standing up for herself – not just others – is something she’ll need to learn.

When Em becomes a Mysticon Knight, she’ll transform into a powerful warrior with an energy shield and deadly sword. She also has a pouch of magical orbs that can release stun blasts, smoke screens, explosive charges, or even her powerful mech armor for heavy duty battles. Her avatar is the unicorn.