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Crushing This Week with Dr. Colosso!

Full Name: Dr. Colosso

Species: Rabbit

Occupation: Diabolical Villain

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: White with black circle

Allies: Max Thunderman


Dr. Colosso is from Metroburg. As a young man he turned evil and became an enemy of Hank Thunderman. Hank Thunderman eventually defeated Dr.Colosso and instead of turning him into the Hero League, Thunder Man used the animalizer to turn him into a cute pet bunny.

Dr. Colosso has since lived with the Thundermans and although he has changed in appearance he is still just as evil as before. His plans to take over the world are very important to him, and he even convinces Max to help him out sometimes. Talk about a bad influence!

Dr. Colosso is mischievous and is filled with the desire to be evil. He spends most of his time plotting against the Thundermans or eating carrots. Nobody trusts Dr. Colosso, not even Max. He is very sarcastic and uses his sarcasm like a superpower to annoy his enemies. Despite his evil nature, Dr. Colosso can be very kind sometimes, especially when he's trying to get Barb’s attention.