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Crushing This Week with Dewey Finn

Full Name: Dewey Finn

Gender: Male

Occupation: Teacher, Rocker

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Dirty Blonde

Friends: Summer, Freddy, Zack, Lawrence, Tomika

Nickname: Dew, Mr. Finn

Dewey Finn is a full time Rocker and part time Teacher at William B Travis Prep School. Mr. Finn has a super laid back attitude and would rather see his students hit the notes than hit the books.

Dewey can shred almost instrument. He can be seen on the keys, drums, and bass but his favourite is the guitar… and his own voice, he loves his own voice.

Dewey’s passion is not to become a rock legend, although that would be cool, but it’s to enjoy rocking out with his bandmates and playing music for people. Sure, sometimes principal Mullins can cramp his style, but Dewey will always keep on rockin’ in the free world.