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Crushing This Week With Crispo Powers

Full name: Christian Powers
Nickname: Crispo, Agent Cheetah, Super Cape
Age: 12
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Friends: CJ Martin, Fenwick Frazier
Crushes: Mindy Minus
Occupation: Student at Pootatuck Middle School
Portrayed by: Owen Joyner

After sporting a sweet new jacket, slick haircut, and stylish swag, Crispo quickly became the coolest kid in middle school! No matter how popular he is, he'll always be truly loyal to his best friends and enthusiastic about every new challenge they'll tackle together!

Crispo is a carefree, fun-loving and very friendly kid who courageously follows CJ and Fenwick into whatever trouble they get themselves into.

He is the happiest of trio and is willing to take risks without thinking of the consequences. He means well and has a soft heart. 

He can be hot headed and argumentative with Mindy and Fenwick. He's also known to be lazy and selfish at times. 

He goes above and beyond to correct his mistakes like when he offered to plant more trees on Pootatuck's campus for burning down the Earth Day tree or when he returned the police bicycle he borrowed when it was thought to had been stolen.

"Fear is a behavioural response to a perceived danger, and the inability to control the unknown" - Crispo 

Join Crispo, Fenwick and CJ by watching 100 Things To Do Before Highschool every Thursday at 7PM E/P!