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Crushing This Week with Charlie Brown!

Full Name: Charlie Brown

Gender: Male

Occupation: Kid

Age: 8 and a half

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Fav Sport: Football

Best Friend: Snoopy

Charlie Brown is an everyday kid. He’s average in just about everything he does, and he’s okay with it. He doesn’t try to be the best at football or smartest in class, he just likes to participate, and hang out with his friends. That’s what’s makes him so lovable.

Charlie Brown loves to celebrate the holidays. He has an old fashioned way of enjoying his friend's company rather than things like presents or candy. Whether it be Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas, Charlie always finds a way to unite his friends and have a great time.

You can catch Charlie Brown and the gang in I Want a Dog for Christmas Charlie Brown on Thursday December 15th at 6pm E/P here on YTV!