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Crushing This Week with Buddy the Elf

Full Name: Buddy The Elf

Gender: Male

Occupation: Elf

From: The North Pole

Eye colour: Blue

Hair colour: Light brown

Buddy the Elf is the embodiment of Christmas cheer. No matter where he goes he’s the happiest person around. He was so happy that the North Pole couldn’t even handle it, they had to share his joy with the world.

Buddy is on a strict diet of candy only and he’s very dedicated to it. He's hyper all the time. His hobbies include singing Christmas carols, making snow angels, putting up decorations and drinking egg nog.

Buddy got a job working in a mailroom in New York City and he absolutely loves it! Getting people their mail is like gifting presents everyday! In the future buddy would love to become a Mailman… or Santa Claus… whichever comes first.

You can catch Elf on YTV, this Saturday December 10th at 6pm E/P!