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Crushing This Week With Bruno Walton

Full Name: Bruno Walton 
Occupation: Student at Macdonald Hall
Best Friend: Melvin (Boots)
Portrayed by: Jonny Gray

Bruno Walton and Melvin “Boots” O'Neal are a couple of troublemakers and roommates at the boarding school, Macdonald Hall. 

These best friends always pull mischievous pranks on the school, students and faculty. 

They're always being watched by Headmaster William R. Sturgeon who they nicknamed “The Fish”. 

Bruno is very confident and always full of charisma! He can do anything when he sets his mind to it.  

Bruno is truly loyal and is willing to do anything to help out a friend. 

Confident and determined to keep his friend Boots at Macdonald Hall, Bruno commits to a fundraising campaign so Macdonald Hall can have their own pool!

The Macdonald Hall boys raise a ton of money through nationally televised bake-off competitions, rummage sales, and many more non-recommended  schemes. 

"Macdonald Hall without Bruno and Boots is like the North Pole without Santa and Mrs. Clause" - Bruno Walton 

Catch Bruno and Boots: Go Jump In The Pool on April 1st at 7:30PM E/T.