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Crushing This Week with Bella Dawson

Full Name: Isabella Dawson

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Occupation: Student/Quarterback

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Blonde

Crushes: Zach Barnes is her BF. They really like each other, but sometimes their school rivalry interferes with their relationship.

Friends: Troy Dixon, Sawyer Huggins, Newt Van Der Rohe, Sophia Delarosa, Pepper Silverstein

Nickname: Bella, Bellarina, Bella the Smella, Bae

Portrayed by: Brec Bassinger

Bella Dawson is not your average middle schooler. She’s confident, bubbly, and always pushes the boundaries. Her go-getter personality allowed her to make history by being the first ever girl quarterback at West Silverado Middle School!  

Bella lives with her mother in Texas and has been obsessed with football since she was a kid. She was originally a cheerleader with her BFF’s Sophia and Pepper, but decided to try out for the Bulldogs once she realized that football was her real passion.

She is now the star quarterback of the team and loving it, but it wasn’t easy to get where she is. A lot of the team was upset that a girl was playing and they doubted her abilities as an athlete. But after showing her skills as an eagle eye QB, and being a good friend to her teammates, she made a bunch of new friends both on and off the field.   

Bella excels at basically everything she tries which makes her a tough competitor. She was a great gymnast before leaving her squad and since joining the Bulldogs the team has changed from being pushovers to a force to be reckoned with.

Bella’s boyfriend, Zach, is the quarterback of the Bulldogs rival team, the Cobras. They first met when they had to compete against each other. Bella and Zach didn’t think their relationship would work out because the teams hated each other, but they decided it was better to be together than pretend to be enemies. A modern day Romeo and Juliet.