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Crushing This Week with Becky Hooger!

Full Name: Becky Hooger

Gender: Female

Occupation: Survivor, scientist, genius

Eye colour: Black

Hair colour: Red

Crushes: Stan Grissle

Friends: Irwin, Stan, Dudley, Lyle

Portrayed by: Tabitha St. Germain

Becky Hooger is the only girl out of the group of kids stuck on Monster Island. She’s a certified genius and exceptional tactician who often saves the day with clutch science moves and quick wit. She’s the tallest out of the nerds and definitely the least coordinated, she often trips over herself and the world around her.

Becky is has an extremely excitable and mature personality. She’s the only nerd with a lick of common sense and the only nerd who keeps an active journal which oftens comes in handy when one of the nerds gets sick or hurt.

Her hobbies include dancing and singing even though she’s oblivious to that fact that she’s not very good at either. She’s also quite a good medic and cook when the times calls for it.

Becky is caught in a little bit of a love triangle. You see, Irwin has a crush on Becky, but Becky doesn’t like Irwin. Becky likes Stan, but Stan has a crush on his football. It’s a little confusing, but also a lot interesting.