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Crushing This Week with Babe Carano

Full Name:
Babe Carano


Game Designer

Eye colour:

Hair colour:

Babe has a little crush on Hudson Gimble

Kenzie Bell, Husdon Gimble, Triple G, Double G, Chella

Portrayed by:
Cree Cicchino

Babe puts the ‘shaker’ into Game Shakers. She’s a confident and spontaneous twelve year old who isn’t afraid to do what she wants. She’s known to act on a whim, once she even chased a squirrel up a tree for a fruit bar. It may seem like Babe is pretty out there, but she’s a great friend and great game designer.

Babe is feisty by nature. She balances out the sometimes uptight attitude of Kenzie. Together they make the perfect smart, creative, and confident team. Sometimes their personalities clash, but they’re besties so they always work it out.

Babe is a girl of many talents. She can play the Saxophone, rap alongside Double G, and dance up a storm. She also has a lot of quirks. For instance, she hates peaches and claims to have PTPD (Post Traumatic Peach Disorder). She also doesn’t like the word ‘feet.’

Babe has had a crush on Hudson Gimble, the Game Shakers test dummy, for a little while now. It’s not clear whether he has a crush back as he spends most of his time goofing around. But that’s alright because Babe has many more important things to do... like being the co-owner of a company!