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Crushing This Week with Arkayna

Arkayna is the daughter of the Queen. Smart, charismatic, and confident, she’s all about law, order, and justice. She’s a great kid who’d make an even greater Queen one day. But she’s also a regular teen who wants to do what other teens do — like glyph (i.e., text) on her bangle-phone, shop at Magi Mall, or check out Gnomez 2 Men in concert. 

Arkayna is an idealist who at first sees the world through rose-coloured glasses, but only because she comes from a world of privilege, where servants fluff her pillows daily. When that world is threatened — and the King and Queen are transformed to bone by the evil Baron Dreadbane — Arkayna must become the hero her mother always wanted her to be. She’ll turn into the unstoppable Mysticon Dragon Mage, and lead the Mysticons in their quest to vanquish the dark forces that threaten Gemina.

Arkayna’s a good leader - focused, hardworking, and fair. But she’s haunted by her inability to protect her parents, and is determined never to let anyone down again.  As she takes on new Mysticon responsibilities, Arkayna will have to learn to have faith in her abilities, do what she thinks is right, and deal with the consequences of her actions.

Fortunately, she’s not in it alone. She’s got a close ally in Em, her personal griffin wrangler and BFF. Zarya and Piper, however, are another story. Piper’s all unfocused energy, like a pinball in elf form, whereas Arkayna’s the kind of kid that not only does the extra-credit assignment, but assigns herself an extra extra-credit assignment. And she’s often at odds with Zarya, who’s the roguish yang to her do-gooder yin. She’ll have to learn how to overcome their differences in order for the Mysticons to succeed.

As the awesome Mysticon Dragon Mage, Arkayna becomes a master of the magical arts, able to fling fireballs, telekinetically move objects, create illusions, and cast charm spells. She rides her pet griffin, Izzie, into glorious combat, flinging fire bolts at her enemies from her magical staff. Her battle avatar is the dragon.

Arkyana and rest of the Mysticons premiere September 3rd at 11am e/p on ytv!