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Anime North 2017

When it comes to Anime North, a lot of people look for the big events such as the Masquerade, the Autograph lines, and the concerts.  But if you take the time to look around, you might find more treasures and experiences.

For example, what is in these chocolate Pokeballs?

Are you willing to wear a Pokemon Mimikyu costume?

Anime North also shows a large Gundam display.  Have you ever thought about trying to assemble a Gundam model kit?

At Anime North, we have workshops available.  This workshop allows fans to learn how to do different bending moves from Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.  Each type of bending is based on a different form of martial arts.

We have seen costumes used in skit contests, fashion shows, and competitions.  But have you ever seen costumes used in Cosplay Chess?  When one piece is about to capture another, a quick performance is provided.

For the older anime fans, our own YTV Anime Master had his own panel at Anime North this year.  This was a rare opportunity to see the face of the Anime Master.