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All about the Mysticons

Four young girls live very different lives in magical Drake City. When an evil, undead knight called Baron Dreadbane attacks the palace to steal the powerful Dragon Disk, the Disk chooses these four girls as the new team of Mysticons: legendary warriors destined to protect the realm! The Disk gives each girl powers, but these new Mysticons don’t get along. Whether they like it or not, the girls will have to work together as Mysticons to save the realm from evil— Dreadbane is just the beginning!


Also known by her Mysticons alter ego Mysticon Dragon Mage, Arkayna is Drake City’s princesswho desperately wants to be a regular teen. She
grew up playing with the Royal Griffons and her best friend, Em. Arkayna defends the city with her dragon staff weapon and relies on her honor, determination, and ideals to always help her do the right thing.






Also known by her Mysticons alter ego Mysticon Ranger,
Zarya is a street kid who is fiercely protective of her “family”, often
acting as a "big sister" to Piper and the other street kids. She defends Drake
City with her magic bow weapon and her wily, tough, and roguish charm.
Always close by her side is her loveable pet foz named Choko.




Also known by her Mysticons alter
ego Mysticon Knight¸ Emerald "Em" is a
dwarf who grew up with Arkayna as her griffon handler
and BFF. She’s smart, empathetic, innovative, and can engineer just
about anything. With her sword weapon and ingenuity, she’s here
to save Drake City.





Also known by her Mysticons alter ego
Mysticon Striker, Piper is an elf who
grew up on the street with her friend
Zarya. She loves music and acrobatics,
and is a natural performer. With her optimism, energy, and love of
fun, Piper defends the city with her hoop staff weapon.






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