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All About Made Up

MADE UP is a half-hour hidden camera series where kids pull pranks on unsuspecting parents, guardians and relatives, and we document the experience. In each episode, with the help of a professional makeup artist, one teenager undergoes a full special effects transformation into a totally new character. Once they’ve been made up, our kids go undercover and test their disguises on the general public – learning to walk the walk and talk the talk along the way. After a quick lesson with an acting coach, they join our cast of pranksters and take part in outrageous and hilarious pranks that turn the tables on unsuspecting adults.  Viewers are in on the joke the whole time, from the prank set up, to the make-up transformation, to the hilarious reveal that not only are these adults on a hidden camera show, but they’ve also been fooled by a kid who is totally MADE UP!