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2017 KId's Choice Award Winners!

The KCA's have been and gone! We laughed and we cried. We waited anxiously to cheer on our fav celebs. And most of all, we were amazed in how big John Cena's muscles were. I mean have you seen that guy?! He's huge! All in all it was a fantastic slime covered event and we're happy to give you this catch up blog on all the winners!


Fav Kid's Television Show: Henry Danger

Fav Cartoon: SpongeBob Squarepants

Fav Male T.V Star: Jace Norman


Fav Movie: Ghostbusters


Fav Video Game: Just Dance 2017

Fav Music Group: Fifth Harmony

Fav Male Music Artist: Shawn Mendes

Fav Female Music Artist: Selena Gomez

These are just some of the awesome winners, click the KCA logo below to watch a video recapping every award!