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Oh No! Turret Alert


Briiian and the Brainlings have taken over S.W.E.E.T.'s secret hideout, and it's up to YOU to take it back!

Stay on high alert in this action packed game that's easy to learn but hard to master! Aim your weapon and tap to shoot as you make your way through S.W.E.E.T's secret hideout! Swipe to build combos and knock out multiple aliens. Watch out for crafty Brainlings, powerful Brainmandos, and their evil boss, Briiian!

Amazing features in this arcade shooter include:
•Play as Turret, Nate or Jumbo Ninja!
•Tap to shoot or slide your finger across targets to knock out squads of Brainlings!
•Unlock and upgrade powerful weapons, including the Meatball Blaster, Whipped Cream Gun and Sniper!
•Use your arsenal of power-ups like Slo-Mo, Brain Freeze, and Fast Forward to survive!
•No game is ever the same!
•One of the most challenging kids games ever! Are you up for it it?