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Numb Chucks - Chuck Fu!

Available Now for iOS & Android!:

iOS (App Store)

Android (Google Play)

How much good would a woodchuck do, if a woodchuck could kung fu?  You’re about to find out!

Heya Numb Chuckers!  Your ol’ friend Dilweed here.

Have you ever wished you could be as awesome as me & Fungus?  Well, as impossible as that sounds all your wishes have been answered my kung fu friends!  We’ve developed an intense, 12-step Way of the Chuck training app that will help you achieve the ultimate in Kung Fu! 

The more you train, the harder the training gets.  You can even challenge your friends to see who gets the most points! (BTW:  I’m TOTALLY beating Fungus right now).

Just read the raving reviews:

“I guess it’s sorta the least lame thing those Chuckleheads have ever done.  I mean, it kept ‘em outta my way for awhile, so y’know…that’s good.”—Buford G. Butternut

“I thought you guys were working on a recipe app?”—Quills

“HOWL!”—Mr. Mayor

And even though our app is totally free, there are some in app purchases for real money.  If you don’t want ‘em, just disable the in-app purchases in your settings.

So down to the 12-step process…

 - Play as us, Dilweed and Fungus, as we train in the Way of the Chuck and try to be as awesome as our hero, Woodchuck Morris!

- There are 12 mini-games to master — you’ll practice punching, kicking, balancing, meditating and more.

                - Baby Nom Nom

                - Trim the Hedges

                -Tongue Pushups

                - Chuck Fu Focus

                - Grandma’s Groceries

                - Punch Kick Punch

                - Chuck Fu Balance

                - Windmill Windup

                -Sixth Sensei

                - Channel Chuck

                - Ding-A-Ling Springs run

                - Tree Chop Chop

Happy training everyone (and don’t forget to watch us on YTV and Boomerang)!

Download Now:

iOS (App Store)

Android (Google Play)