– Extreme Babysitting

Next Time On: Monday's @ 7:30pm e/p

Babysitting takes a turn for the hilarious when YTV’s crack team of prank professionals pull wacky pranks on unsuspecting babysitters. Our hidden cameras catch every minute of the action as our teenage targets try to cope with bizarre behaviour, wacky visitors and insane situations. And you won’t believe their reactions when we let them in on the joke!

In the middle of all the chaos is Andy, the mastermind behind the pranks on Extreme Babysitting. As a host of The Zone every Saturday on YTV, Andy is known for his love of all things weird, wild and wacky. He’s got a knack for the ridiculous, so with Andy and his team of professional pranksters running the show, babysitters are in for a lot more than some extra cash!

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